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Why should I carry a handgun?

I’ve been asked several times, “Why should I carry a Handgun?” I’ll elaborate a little bit, but it boils down to this. At the end of the day, I am going home. I see every day, first hand, how criminals are becoming more and more predatory. They escalate with more and more violent crimes. A handgun is a very effective means for a person to prevent themselves from becoming the victim of a violent crime; ie imminent threat death, sexual assault or serious bodily harm. They are small, portable, and can stop even the largest attacker. A handgun will operate as effectively for small person as it will for a large person. No matter whom you are, you have a reason to see the sun rise the next day and a reason to go home at the end of the day.

Why should I seek training?

Training helps shooters become ambassadors of our shooting sports. It also helps to prevent shooters from becoming complacent. When shooters become complacent accidents occur and those wishing to strip us of our rights will use this as political gain. A firearm is a tool. It wouldn’t make any sense to have an expensive well crafted tool and not know how to use it properly.

Why is the concealed carry class required?

We are truly blessed to be a citizen in a country where our right to own and carry firearms is fiercely protected and clearly spelled out in our constitution. Everyday there are people who are trying to erode that right and dilute our ability to do so. A way we can legitimately protect our rights is through responsible gun ownership. Taking the right path toward carrying concealed is a great first step. Doing things like ensuring that our firearms are properly stored to protect minors is a way to prevent unauthorized access to them. We can also prevent mishaps by being properly trained and proficient with our firearms.

Who is Matt Flanagan?

He is a strong proponent of the Second amendment and believes that responsible gun ownership and education is the way to protect our rights. He has instructed every level of military, law enforcement, and civilian with great feed back. He believes the only way to preserve the shooting sports is to create highly educated ambassadors. Matt has instructed the following: Self Defense, handcuffing, striking instrument, pressure point control, spontaneous knife defense, defensive tactics, M-4, tactical rifle, pistol. Because shooters come in different shapes, sizes and experience levels, Matt works carefully with every student to make sure they obtain the goals they are trying achieve.

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Why choose Self Defense Logistics?

When you receive training at Self Defense Logistics, you will receive personalized training that helps to ensure you are not just another number trying to be pushed through a mold. The instructor will take the time to answer questions so that you are comfortable with the concepts being taught. This will be done in a safe environment with training conducted at a pace you are comfortable with. The instructor’s goal is to provide training that allows the student to be comfortable in a real life situation protecting themselves. Time is taken to help the student identify their goals, capabilities, and a training plan that fits them. The big difference between Self Defense Logistics and everyone else is the instructor is not trying to show you how capable they are. They are trying to make sure that you are as capable as you want to be.